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London, Aug. 09, 2022 (News) — Schools Insider is a niche education service that is focused on helping parents gain the competitive advantage in getting a placement in the top UK selective schools by offering a range of services, such as consultancy, assessments, as well as early years and exam insider 11+ master programmes.

They have an award-winning team of exceptional teachers and seasoned experts who not only write the 11+ exams but also sit on the interview panels for some of the most prestigious schools in the UK like St Paul’s Girls School in central London.

Schools Insider is currently the only 11+ programme that is structured for year 5 students developed by experienced teachers and exam writers who have utilised their extensive knowledge to design the carefully structured, step-by-step programme targeted specifically to gaining entry into the country’s top selective schools.

The drive to truly help working parents find a full turnkey solution for their child’s 11+ journey was the motivation behind the 11+ Master programme and therefore includes everything a child and parent need to prepare for the 11+ exams and further education.

Award Winning Programmes

Schools Insider was established to take the stress and mystery out of the UK school entry process and has two clear ambitions:

  • To help parents understand their UK schools options – from independent, to boarding, to grammar, so that you can make the right choice for your child.
  • To equip children with the knowledge and skills needed to win a place at their dream school.

Due to the success of their 11+ Master Programme at, Schools Insider have extended their services to include all UK school entry points, such as 7+, 8+ and 13+.

Not only this, but because of increasing demand, they now also offer comprehensive Early Years, Assessments and Consulting services too.

Early Years

This is a pivotal time in your child’s life to ensure they establish the right habits and knowledge for a successful education.

Targeted at Year 2, 3 and Year 4 children (7 to 9 year olds), their early years programme is centred around building a healthy reading habit to expand their vocabulary and developing their numeracy, so that they learn the strong foundations in a structured, fun and stress-free way that will foster their love of learning for life.

11+ Programme

Schools Insider’s award winning 11+ programme has been created by expert teachers who write the 11+ exams for top schools.  that helps working parents find a true, full turnkey solution to preparing for 11+ with their specialised programme that includes everything you need to prepare your child for their exams – including a personalised pack for your child in the mail each and every month.

With their carefully structured month-by-month programme designed by 11+ exam-writers specifically aimed at ambitious year 5 students, the programme gives parents full peace of mind. It was designed to be fully inclusive of everything a parent and child would need to successfully win that dream school place. We are very proud of our 100% success rate to date.

This unique programme builds the Year 5 child’s knowledge step by step through access to a brilliant online portal with over 100 hours of video tutorials, physical work books, monthly assessments and mocks that are delivered to your door every month. All assessment papers and mocks are then individually fully marked with full feedback to the child and parent. We do it all so you can rest assured that your child has more than everything they need to smash that 11+. And don’t worry if you wonder whether your child can keep up, we report back any issues like inconsistencies or gaps in knowledge immediately and then create a plan to plug them with our library of very specific subject materials, including a 1-2-1 support option until the child is confident enough to move on.


If you are unsure where your child ranks in comparison to other children of their age, then Schools Insider assessments are designed to give you valuable insight into your child’s ability in English Comprehension, Creative Writing and Critical Thinking, as well as Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

These assessments test your child’s ability against the basic expected levels of UK curriculum, to the more advanced levels required for admission into selective schools.


Schools Insider Consulting includes a diverse pool of very experienced UK Education experts such as School Governors, 11+exam writers, ex -Heads of Schools, Head teachers and even experienced expats to cover a wide breadth of knowledge. We take you through everything you need to know to feel fully informed and confident when trying to find the right school for your child – so that you can make the right decision.

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