Two Bridge Launches Two Bridge Consulting, a Full-Service

IRVINGTON, N.Y., Aug. 15, 2022 (News) — Today, healthcare real estate and investing company Two Bridge announces the launch of Two Bridge Consulting, a full-service healthcare services advisory platform providing strategic support and asset management in the healthcare arena. The new division will operate alongside Two Bridge Capital, a value-add investment platform created to provide capital, support, and relationships to founders.

Two Bridge Consulting sets itself apart in the industry as a healthcare consulting firm led exclusively by healthcare operating professionals, each with at least 25 years’ experience in hands-on healthcare operations. Having worked closely with a diverse lineup of large healthcare operators, Two Bridge leadership has unique expertise from an operational as well as an investment perspective. The leadership team includes best-in-class operating experts with decades of experience in reimbursement, financing, strategy, operational finance, risk and overall management.

“This is the first time in our career that we are lending our insight and experience to outside clients who need it now more than ever,” said Julie Gutzmann, who brings decades of operational and financial leadership to Two Bridge.

“Our operating experience in over 15 states with complex regulatory and business nuances gives Two Bridge a unique skill set to assist clients,” says Eric Roth, who has over 15 years of direct asset management background. “Our detailed healthcare expertise will provide investors and lenders insight into problems and changes in real-time to enable them to address issues before it is too late.”

In response to dozens of discussions with founders and investors, Two Bridge has created a unique solution. Two Bridge Fractional Services enables companies to be more disciplined in the search for talent without sacrificing quality or growth. It provides customizable solutions across financial, recruitment, operational, legal, and marketing services — all designed to help companies economize as they grow their platforms.

Two Bridge’s goal has always been to deliver innovation and the highest quality via its client operators across all markets. Two Bridge Consulting allows the team to share its knowledge and diligence processes across a broad range of healthcare services ranging from home health to mental health, skilled nursing to healthcare technology.

“Unlike most companies that provide guidance from solely an investing or consulting standpoint, Two Bridge attacks issues from the viewpoint of experienced business operators,” said Harris Schwartzberg, principal at Two Bridge. “With Two Bridge Consulting, we are proud to offer expert guidance based upon decades of actual experience.”

About Two Bridge:
Two Bridge is a private investment and consulting platform created by a team of professionals with over 30 years of diversified operational and investing experience. Two Bridge principals built and operated a variety of businesses, with a focus on healthcare operating platforms. Two Bridge is composed of Two Bridge Capital and Two Bridge Consulting. Two Bridge Capital is a value-add investment platform created to provide capital, support and relationships to founders. Two Bridge looks to work with good companies run by great people. Two Bridge Consulting is a full service healthcare services advisory platform servicing a variety of healthcare clients in need of strategic and operational support.

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