TAB Bank’s Susan Hostetter Named a 2022 HR Achievement

OGDEN, Utah, Aug. 11, 2022 (News) — TAB Bank, a technology-driven, online bank serving small to medium size businesses and consumers, announced today that Susan Hostetter, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, was named a 2022 HR Achievement Honoree by Utah Business. The annual list honors HR professionals who foster culture, growth, and happiness in the workplace. These professionals have gone beyond the call of duty to make their companies a great place to work.

Hostetter has prioritized efforts to combat the tough labor market impacted by the great resignation and the COVID-19 pandemic. First, she ensures that employees connect with TAB’s mission and vision. TAB has also invested in training employees and providing opportunities to grow within and across the business as they progress in their careers. Some employees started their careers at TAB Bank as customer service reps. Today, many are managers of departments and leaders of large teams.

“Transforming an organization’s culture to one of high employee engagement and high employee net promoter scores is the most rewarding part of the job,” said Hostetter in Utah Business. “There is no magic sauce to creating a great culture. It is not ping-pong tables, free lunches, or expensive programs that do it—employee culture is a living and breathing environment that all employees create.”

“As HR professionals, our role is to develop and foster that positive environment. If you want a culture of openness and transparency, don’t reprimand an employee for asking a bold question. If you want a culture of innovation and independent thinking, don’t dismiss an employee who makes suggestions and decisions,” said Hostetter.

With remote work, Hostetter implemented new ways managers can measure output besides time in the office. She has been instrumental in establishing tech that supports a hybrid working model. She is implementing a hoteling interface—a platform that allows TAB employees to use a reservation system to find and claim a workspace or resources, on-demand and for a specified period, to fit their working needs. This allows employees to choose where they work best, depending on their needs for the day. It also allows them to work in communal areas or near their teammates, making it easy to be productive and engaged.

“Since she arrived at TAB Bank, Susan has made significant improvements in our engagement and net promoter measurements,” said Rick Bozzelli, President and Chief Executive Officer at TAB Bank. “As chairman, I saw her impact at a distance, and now as president, I’ve seen up close how her passion for the bank and its employees drives our success in supporting our mission and vision.”

Hostetter was honored at a Utah Business event today. A complete list of the 2022 HR Achievement Honorees can be found here.

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